How to bulk unsuspend SIM cards

Unsuspending a SIM enables the SIM card to restart functioning and using available services. It can only be achieved after the SIM card has been suspended for two hours.

To unsuspend individual SIM cards see: How to unsuspend a SIM card.

To terminate a SIM card (terminating a SIM stops the SIM card from authenticating on a network, and will incur cancellation costs if the SIM is still in contract) see, How to terminate a SIM card or How to bulk terminate SIM cards.

To bulk unsuspend SIM cards using a pre-configured email (ensuring to fill in the blanks) click: SEND EMAIL

To create your own email use the following:

  • To:
  • Subject: Please unsuspend these SIMs
  • Body text:
    • SIAM account username
    • List of ICCIDs of the SIMs to be unsuspended (without quotation marks)


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