How to track data usage

Tracking data usage of a SIM card can be achieved through the SIAM portal. The following pages are found at: SIMS> SIMs List > Action > Icon.


This displays the amount of data sent and received by time. It does not display information on data sessions.

Netflow displays the information in a graph with the same information in a table underneath.

Clicking on one of the bars changes the view from month view to day view or hour view.


This displays the amount of data transferred by session. The sessions are dispalyed with the latest occurrence first by default.

The details shown include: Session Start (time and date), Session Stop (time and date), Data Usage, IMSI, MCC MNC (Network Name).

Some sessions do not have a Session Stop value, this is a result of the device abruptly falling off the network rather than logging off.

This page does not display any information on when the data was transferred during the session.


This displays the amount of data transferred by session and its associated cost. The sessions are displayed with the most recent occurrence at the bottom of the last page.

The details shown include: Activity (as it is all billing events, not just data), Description, Start, Stop, Quantity (in bytes and rounded if necessary – see below), and price (0.00 if within the bundled amount).

All sessions are rounded up to a multiple of the agreed rounding figure, this value is found on the SIM contract form. This is found at SETTINGS > SIM Packages, then click the button for the correct tariff. Click Download pdf file. When viewing the pdf file the rounding value is found in the bottom right of the page. An example is shown to the right.

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