How to bulk terminate SIM cards

Terminating a SIM stops the SIM card from functioning and prevents further billing of the Service Charge (but may incur a cancellation cost if the SIM card is still in contract).

To terminate individual SIM cards see, How to terminate a SIM card.

Terminated SIM cards can be reactivated, for help with this see: How to activate a SIM card or How to bulk activate SIM cards.

To suspend a SIM card (suspending a SIM stops the SIM card from authenticating on a network, however you will still be charged the Service Charge) see, How to suspend a SIM card or How to bulk suspend SIM cards.


To bulk terminate SIM cards navigate to: SIMs > Bulk Terminate (

Enter the list of ICCIDs/SIM numbers that you want to terminate.

Please note that each ICCID/SIM number must be listed on its own line.

Click the ‘Terminate’ button on the right of the text box.



If all of the SIMs were successfully queued for termination a green dialog box will appear at the top of the page:


More action required

If a red dialog box opens at the top of the page more action is required.

More information on the specific issue is found in the highlighted section below:

If you wish to proceed with the termination, please click the highlighted ‘Terminate All SIMs’ button.

If you proceed with the termination of the SIMs then the following dialog box will appear.

Click the highlighted ‘Okay’ button to proceed.

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