New Eseye SIM Part Numbers

Following changes in the underlying Silicon within the SIM cards the following part numbers will be superseded. There is no change to the SIM card functionality and Eseye expect the SIM cards to work in the same way as the previously supplied cards. The supply of the new variants will take place over the next 6 months (from August 2020) as existing stocks are replaced.

Any questions please contact your account manager in the first instance.


Old Code New Code Form Factor
ES5610 ES5710 2FF/3FF
ES5611 ES5711 2FF/3FF
ES5614 ES5714 2FF/3FF - Brazil
ES5620 ES5721 MFF -Embedded
ES5630 ES5730 2FF/3FF/4FF
ES5631 ES5731 2FF/3FF/4FF
ES5644 ES5744 2FF Brazil
ES5923 ES5721 MFF -Embedded
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